Norton antivirus helps to protect the PC, but sometime due to numerous reasons it can show an error that can affect its functionality and performance. A common Norton antivirus error occurs when there is an issue with the compatibility, virus scan problem, internet connection, software conflict or insufficient space in hard disk. And each error is characterized through special codes which are discussed below.

Norton Error 3048 3

This error occurs at the time of installation of software which crashes the active program window. The main reason of this error is incomplete installation of Norton products, virus infected or malware that corrupt Windows system files, or windows registry corrupted. Norton Error 3048 3 can be caused by a several factor you need to take Norton technical support and settle the issue right away.

Norton Error 8504 104

This error occurs when your PC has already installed another antivirus program. The error can be occurring also because of failed installation, mainly when the software is updated with the new version. You need to uninstall other software and remove it from the control panel to properly install the Norton antivirus in your PC.

Norton Error 8506 421

This is the most commonly occur error that can be easily fixed by restarting the PC. Nonetheless, sometimes it can occur again, so in that situation you have to uninstall and re-install the Norton antivirus with the proper instruction. To remove the antivirus you need to download the Norton Removal Tool to uninstall or can take the help of a Norton customer support team to fix the error.

Norton Error 3039

This error can be shown in different forms like Norton “3039 1” or “3039 65559”. These sets of errors can occur when a specific security feature of Norton is not installed correctly on the PC. To fix Norton error you have to uninstall and re-install the Norton product and for that download Norton removal tool.

Norton Error 8505

This error occurs when there is some conflict issue with proxy setting. To settle this issue you have to restart your PC and uninstall the Norton antivirus to install again. After installation, you can also run advance scan to clean unwanted applications with the help of Norton Power Eraser or you can also get help of Norton Technical support service.

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